The project cropped-logo.pngYoung citizen inquiry aims:

(a) To design and develop a set of open access tools for scientific investigation, adapted from the OpenScience laboratory (http://www.open.ac.uk/researchprojects/open-science/) in collaboration with young people.

(b) To support young people aged 15-19, individually or through organizations such as British Science Association, to engage with the tools and investigations.

(c) To implement cycles of design, evaluation and reporting, though a sequence of workshop activities with the Sheffield University Technical College (UTC) and the young user community online.

The project is divided into two phases: Phase 1 involves the adaptation of the available tools and activities and the evaluation of the users’ experience and attitudes. Phase 2 involves opening the tools and activities to young scientists and investigating their engagement in science.

The nQuire: Young Citizen Inquiry  project is expected to:

  • fully engage participating students and staff in the design of inquire-based science materials,
  • reach 10 000 registered participants by the end of the project period,
  • reinforce highly positive attitudes of young people towards citizen inquiry,
  • develop new science investigations, and
  • elicit favourable press coverage towards young citizen inquiry in printed and online educational media.