• The new nQuire-it platform is now live at! Sign-in and join or create your own science missions. Invite people to join your missions and enjoy the excitement of doing science along with others!
  • The Sense-it app is now available for downloading in the Google Play store. It will appear when typing “Sense-it” in the search box.  The app gives access to smartphone or tablet sensors. It can be used to check the type and hardware model of Android devices’ sensors and view the recording the sensors generate in a graphical way. The app has been designed to assist young people in collecting, visualizing, and storing data when implementing science investigations and it is now linked to the new nQuire-it platform at
  • The nQuire: Young citizen inquiry project was presented at the “You Heard It Here First” seminar series on the 21st November 2013, at the Ambient Lab, The Open University, 11.00-12.00 am. For more information, visit:
  • The first nQuire Workshop with young people took place at Sheffield UTC, in Sheffield on the 20th November 2013. The focus of the workshop was to test and evaluate a new science toolkit with young people and give them the opportunity to propose science investigations using the toolkit. This workshop is part of the broader nQuire aim to design and develop a set of open access tools for scientific investigation for young people.
  • The nQuire: Young citizen inquiry project participated in the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) showcase on the 28th October 2013, at the Open University.
  • The new nQuire: Young citizen inquiry leaflet can be downloaded from here.